Frequently Asked Questions

ProjectRicher is inspired by r/millionairemakers which was originally run by the reddit BTC community. The concept was to collect $1 each from the users and give the total to one selected user every month. ProjectRicher does it different but the goal is similar which is to chose a random user and make him richer!

We believe every person in cryptosphere are capable of sparing $1 per month. What if 15, 000 people can spare $1 per month and give it to someone. That person would be richer and will be the happiest person on earth. So why not give it a try.

You can be a part by giving $1 or more using BitcoinSV (BSV), or you can be the one to receive the total collected funds once every month. The receiver is selected randomly through a twitter post¬†and picked by a random user select tool. Winner’s BSV address will be awarded the total collected amount during the whole month. Special measures will be taken to ignore the bots and the fake accounts.

You can also be a regular sponsor and get displayed on our Home Page. Contact us for more info.

A live video will be posted on twitter how the user is chosen each month. Users and payment transactions will be made public.

Important:The first one to receive will be ProjectRicher itself as a royalty for creating the site. The funds will be used for more development on BitcoinSV. A random user will be rewarded from the 2nd month onward. 

There will be a minimum payout of $100. If the minimum is not achieved within a month, the balance will be carried to the next month. However there will be no maximum payout. If more than $15,000 is collected within a month, all will be paid to the winner so he/she can be more richer! 

BSV is the best blockchain with tiny fees and fast transactions. Therefore BSV is the optimum cryptocurrency where a initiative like ProjectRicher can happen. Also BSV has the most generous community in the cryptocurrency space, from pinging pennies to giving away hundreds of bucks. So why not collect those pennies or bucks for a month and give it to a single person to make him/her richer?

Making someone richer will increase his/her personal BSV usage, hence it improves the economy. Moreover, giving away a big monetary reward creates attention and awareness. Getting more peoples’ attention to BSV is also good for the BSV economy.

ProjectRicher is not just going to be a place to give and win money. A store will be open soon to purchase your favorite BSV merchandise and other items with BSV and we will be frequently giving away free gifts to the people who contribute at least $1.