The resolution of Project Richer

Project Richer, the title itself has the meaning; a project to make someone richer.

Why do we need to make anyone richer other than ourselves? Someone might think like that. For those who think like that, let us explain you the benefits everyone can have as a whole. Please take a few minutes to go through the post to see if we can change your mind.

As we have mentioned everywhere, Project Richer was inspired by r/millionairemakers, a concept originally run by the reddit BTC community. If a million people can get together to give $1 each, they can make one person a millionaire. The concept is simple but getting one million people agreeing to that is the hard part. So, we dropped that 1 million part and made it 15,000 USD to be more practical.

Why BSV?

This is a no brainer. BTC cannot power a project like this anymore since it is not what it used to be. People can’t make small $1 transactions since the fees are high. The people who control BTC also promote high fees and they even say “Bitcoin isn’t for people that live on less than $2 a day”. So, the optimum choice is BSV which is the only legit contender to the name Bitcoin.

Why Project Richer?

It is challenging to run a project like this without the support of the community. Not just challenging, in fact it is not possible to continue without the peoples’ support. We all know BSV has a smaller community who were constantly being attacked by the mass. So, the chance of failing is high. But if we could manage to get the message right and get this smaller community to comply, this may be beneficial to us all.

Here’s how,

$15,000 is a great amount of money which can attract a lot of people. Giving away an amount like that to a random person each month may create some noise around the cryptosphere. Which will attract more people to the BSV ecosystem. More people coming to BSV equals more users for BSV apps. More users are vital for the growth of the BSV economy. Therefore, we believe this would be beneficial for the entire BSV ecosystem.

To beat the continue attacks on BSV, the community must get stronger. The community is stronger when there are more people in it. When there is a monetary reward to grab, people are more incentivized to get inside the BSV community. So, it is a win win for BSV. You see, it is all connected!

We believe $1 is a sparable amount for people in BSV. If all the BSV community can get together and spare $1 every month we may easily reach the goal. Yes, we think BSV has more than 15,000 users. Though it’s challenging to get everyone to contribute we may as well try. Everyone can help not only by sending $1 but also by spreading the word about ProjectRicher.

So, you mean this a project aiming for the growth of BSV?

In a way, yes. We have multiple goals. We were supporting BSV which is Bitcoin from the start. We also tried different things to promote BSV and its usage. This is our latest effort to improve the BSV economy by bringing more people into the community. Also, by doing this we have a chance to make a fellow BSVer richer and happier.  

So, you mean all your goals are noble?

We didn’t say that. Did we? Since the project went live, we have announced on our twitter and in FAQs that the money will be given to a random user from the 2nd month onward. We decide to keep the 1st because we have more things in the lineup for BSV and those things need funding. We have made all our intentions public because there should not be any suspicions if the Project Richer is to be a success.

Developers take different approaches when it comes to funding their projects. You know how your favorite twitter killer, Twetch is giving you all new features. Development needs funding. Some may try the venture backed approach and some may try the user backed approach. Not everyone can handle their own funding until it becomes successful. It could have been easier for us to choose ETH, do an ICO, collect a few million dollars and do nothing. Instead we chose this way. The non scammy way because we are in it for the growth and success of Bitcoin. So, we kindly request you all to help us make this a success.

What comes next?

Project Richer is just one initiative to attract more people to BSV. If we can get the BSV community to jumpstart Project Richer with there support, we are certain that more people will join BSV. We have to work hard if we want BSV to win the race. So, we invite all the fellow Bitcoiners to join us, support us and spread the word. Let’s make people Richer. It will come full circle and you will all get the benefits.

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